As a tribute to Women’s History Month and so much more! Luke Chapter 10 the story of Mary and Martha. Think of a possible Martha financial life ….. Confident in making financial decisions Expecting high returns over night. Easily frustrated when it doesn’t work in the short term Scattered investments Paying high fees possibly due to not taking the time to research. Blame your current position on those close not helping. Good intention but – No financial plan – doing right thing to do – but are you doing it correctly? Not having the proper protection because of not taking the time to evaluate what’s REALLY needed Martha hopefully will soon discover – it doesn’t have to be that HARD. Think of a Mary financial life …… She knows the secret to living a peaceful life – she chose the GOOD part. Avoids debt. Generous and supports the work of God. Avoids materialism. She doesn’t try to keep up with anyone. Established a plan and followed it faithfully. Has a well BALANCED approach to investing Doesn’t feel like a victim She seeks KNOWLEDGE Where are you? Listen to this Sunday at Sunrise discussion. Aired 03-03-2019

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