JB Bryan hosts, Black Health Black Wealth Friday at 12 Noon. Check out this key research found that prayer and meditations centered around compassion can impact your DNA in a positive way! Researchers’ findings enhanced optimism and positivity, heighten stress immunity, increased activation in brain regions associated with bonding, and reduce PTSD symptoms. Amazing findings!
Investment Advisor, JB Bryan will share the health tips for a easy approach to compassion-based meditation.
JB’s suggestions will allow you to spend time with your brain and explore being kind and compassionate. The group will examine the mental and physical health benefits of prayers and meditations centered around compassion. Powered by JB Bryan Financial Group, Inc. A Registered Investment Advisory Firm – The Home of AfroEconomics. Visit www.AfroEconomics.com . Call 1-844-522-7926 to schedule a financial empowerment meeting.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MfbDXLZ3e4I